“After 13 years at the same company, I decided it was time to seek external opportunities.  I created a plan of action and my first to-do was seeking the assistance of Your Marketing Ace. My first meeting convinced me I made the correct decision. Your Marketing Ace designed a plan to help me achieve my professional and personal goals. Two days after updating my LinkedIn profile, I received my first email from a recruiter at one of the top staffing companies in the United States. It could have been because my rank for profile views improved by 77% the first week! The new look and feel of my updated resume gives me a sense of confidence that is sure to carry over during the interview and negotiation process.”

O. Lee, Finance & Operations Leader - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Customer Success Stories

Meet the Ace

My mission is to help professionals and entrepreneurs develop and manage their personal brand and leverage the Ace Success Formula to live a more fulfilling life.

​I believe in abundance and that everyone can have a career and life full of happiness and prosperity. With that in mind (and over 16 years of marketing experience), my goal is to first work with you to identify what success looks like and then align your value proposition to that vision in a practical result-oriented way.

Each person (and situation) is unique. My custom approach takes into account your distinct challenges for the specific stage in your career to develop a personal branding strategy that is perfect for you and can help you reach your full potential.

Whether one-on-one consultation or in a group training, I'm committed to taking this journey with you through a fun yet direct approach and positive engagement.    

“When you are stuck in what feels like a hopeless situation, sometimes, it's difficult to see that there's a simple way out. Before I started to work with Your Marketing Ace, I felt taken advantage of by my former employer and incapable of making a change. YMA's Success Formula helped me quickly get clear and focused on what I was looking for. It empowered me to manifest results in my life, literally, within a few weeks. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't experience it myself! After working with Iris for less than a month, I was in a new position at a much more pleasant work environment (that appreciated the experience and skills I brought in) with a 29% increase in my salary. There's no better feeling than going from hopeless to happy and knowing that you have the power to transform your career and life."

Hagit M., Teacher - Pompnao Beach, FL


“Iris's positive yet no-nonsense approach was just the kick in the pants I needed. I was feeling like I could only be 30% myself at work and Iris said: "30% is bull$#!t cause you are 100% awesome!" While I was a bit apprehensive about Iris's methodology at first, I quickly realized that the Ace Success Formula was a great way to get clarity about what I wanted and build confidence in the skills I already possessed to help get me where I wanted to go.”

Ariene C., Senior Brand Manager – New York, NY